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Code and design
Jelmer de Maat

I am an inventor of digital and physical stuff. These are my works of design and code, made for all kinds of different purposes throughout the past, mostly related to education, work and/or fun. I am @jelmerdemaat on Twitter, the same person on GitHub and if you whish you can e-mail me at post [at] jelmerdemaat [dot] nl.

About me

The thing I am most passionate about is development for the web. Creating for the internet is creating for everybody: open technology in its most accessible form.

But at least as exciting are the tools we use to shape the build process, the complete meta side of web development. I believe that in its core, this meta side is a philosophy of efficiency that can be applied to many industries.

The web is so young, it is continuously evolving. That is why it is so exciting to be a part of it: stand up now with a great idea, and it could change how people make websites all over the world. Big websites might be using your code, your ideas.

And it’s relatively simple! Start coding and find out what lies in the undiscovered areas of web development. Write, share and contribute and maybe you discover something completely new!

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