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Design and code
Jelmer de Maat

I am an inventor of physical and digital stuff. These are my works of design and code, made for all kinds of different purposes throughout the past, mostly related to education, work and/or fun. I am @jelmerdemaat on Twitter, the same person on GitHub and if you whish you can e-mail me at post [at] jelmerdemaat [dot] nl.

De Jongens van de TU

Since 2011 I was a founding member of De Jongens van de TU, a web design, development and branding bureau consisting of Eindhoven’s brightest students.

Logo De Jongens van de TU

Executing our combined powers in both technical and design fields, I developed websites, applications and branding material for technical companies in and around Eindhoven.

My work in De Jongens involved heaps of front-end programming, WordPress theme building, website management and client communication on a daily basis.

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