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Jelmer de Maat

I am an inventor of physical and digital stuff. These are my works of design and code, made for all kinds of different purposes throughout the past, mostly related to education, work and/or fun. I am @jelmerdemaat on Twitter, the same person on GitHub and if you whish you can e-mail me at post [at] jelmerdemaat [dot] nl.


Waterflow is an interactive projection that enables users to explore a wall by moving in front of it to reveal hidden spots.

Waterflow is the result of one of my projects at Industrial Design (ID) at the Eindhoven University of Technology. The installation aims to create a fun and distressing moment in the work environment. Workers passing the installation can hide objects behind the water, and others can explore and find these clues.

Another option is to project the other side of a wall as a background behind the waterfall. This creates a type of “digital curtain” that allows users to look through a wall.

The installations recognizes users using Microsoft’s Kinect sensor, and puts the silhouettes of users programmatically under the waterfall. The appplication is programmed in the Java-based language Processing. Users can then move around and influence the path of the falling water. The installation uses a computer and a beamer to project this image somewhere on a wall.

The uses of the system are versatile and meant to have fun when you move away from your work position. It was developed in assignment of Dutch artist Joep van Lieshout.

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